Stress and Resiliency

Resiliency: Stress Management on Steroids

“I want to thank you for your excellent presentation given to the Young Presidents Organization Houston Chapter. People responded that the presentation really made them think about loosening up and having more fun in the work place.” Linda Benge, President, Trees, Inc.

Lost productivity due to stress costs the American economy $300 billion annually.

Your team faces multitudinous stressors. Many stressors are out of their control. What is in their control is how they respond and recover.Be resilient

 Resiliency takes stress management to the next level. This session provides the tools to bounce back from personal and professional challenges.

Can you afford employees that don’t know these resiliency skills?

 Participants will learn:

  • How to reevaluate stressful events so they can bounce back quickly.
  • What questions to ask themselves to re-orient thinking.
  • How to build resiliency by putting certain systems in place.
  • How to get a handle on stress immediately.
  • How to make better decisions under stress.

“Traditional” Stress Management Taken To The Next Level

When I created the stress management module for the cardiac rehab out-patients at two major hospitals, stress management was thought of as a fad. What’s physicians have discovered is that you never outgrow your need for stress management. Life is stressful. Thus, it’s vital not to be stress free, but to learn techniques to intercept or dilute the stress response.

In thirty years of providing stress management training, I’ve gathered numerous tools that help participants deal with stress before stress deals them a fatal blow.