Presentation Skills

Connect Or Die

“This was the most relaxed presentation I’ve ever made. I did not stay up late to memorize the script since I know that I know my presentation, and I treated this presentation as an opportunity to communicate with the audience. With this new perspective that you taught me, I no longer felt the pressure but was eager to take this opportunity to share my knowledge and to learn from the audience. This is a fundamental change for me.” Jian Zhang, Ph.D, P.E., Water Reserach Foundation

Why do star athletes use coaches when they are already the best of the best? Because they strive to improve their personal best. Even if you are an experienced speaker, you can improve your personal best. This program is a must if you want to be a success in your career or anytime you need to get your message across, heard and acted upon.

Learn to:

  • Add humor without offending or repelling your audience
  • Energize don’t anesthetize your audience with your visuals
  • Maximize your voice and body language to maximize your message
  • Connect with any audience
  • Organize your remarks in 63 seconds flat
  • Stop boring!

Coaching and consulting with individuals, small groups, and teams.

Companion Report:   53 Ways to Involve Your Audience