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Bu-Bye 2016. Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet!

A Great Way To Usher In 2017

A Great Way To Usher In 2017

Bu-bye 2016. May 2017 Be Your Best Year Yet

For many, 2016 has been a year of losses. Whether politically, celebrity death-wise or personally. I, too, have had a year of losses. Yet, I’m grateful for so much. My children, my siblings, my extended family, friends, doggies, health, home, work, clients, library card, and more have brought me joy and are sources of my gratitude.

I recently returned from 18 days in Spain.  Each day I expressed my gratitude for my curiosity, ability physically and financially to take such a trip and for the surprises that Spain offered. I had no expectations – except that I’d have an adventure. Thus, my jaw dropped daily and my synapses crackled with activity.

I only had one complaint on this trip. I complained about the complainers. One woman didn’t like her hotel room and actually wished the time in Barcelona would sail by so the trip would be over.

Most people on my tour have travelled more than I have. They spent many present moments in Spain talking about their past trips and their upcoming trips. I was too busy savoring a tapas and the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, the architecture in Valencia, the art at the Prado in Madrid, Gaudi’s wild designs in Barcelona and hot chocolate so thick my spoon stood straight up in it to focus on past or future expeditions.

When I returned, real life and real losses hit me in the face. Post travel slump swamped me. Yet today I peek above the slump swamp to a day filled with sun and a blue sky. Cody and Billie Jean are eager for a walk. A charity is coming Friday for donations. I’m filling a box or two to give away. I feel a lightness with each item that goes in the box. I also feel loss. My waffle iron, pressure cooker and other kitchen items cook up memories. They haven’t been used in decades so into the box they go. Clothes that don’t fit go into the box. They remind me that I’m still trying to get down to the weight I never wanted to get up to.

Losses and blessings. Abundance amidst the ashes of 2016. To you and yours, take time to reflect on all you have and all that is waiting for you in 2017. And, if you get a chance, drink hot chocolate that’s so thick your spoon will stand straight up in it. Drink it slowly and savor.

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