Here’s How I Work With You To Build

Your Business, Professional and Personal Development

Since 1983, I’ve worked with thousands of high achievers who want to maximize their performance and the quality of their lives. How? Through my expertise in communication and wellness.  Presentation, Communication, Networking Skills, Life Balance and Stress and Resiliency are my most popular topics. Individuals and groups hire me to coach and consult with them on presentation,  communication and networking skills.

My work in Witness Preparation helps attorneys’ clients face depositions and the witness box with confidence.

Blue Chip Clients

IMG_4391Lee Hecht Harrison, Million Dollar Round Table, Marriott Hotels, American Society for Association Executives, NBC Entertainment and CH2M Hill Consulting Engineers are just a few organizations that keep my phone ringing.   Client List

The Wall Street Journal cited me as a networking expert.

As an adjunct professor at Regis University, I trained trainers to be speakers. I gathered my expertise in the trenches as well as in college classrooms. Weight Watchers International hired me to transform everyday people into polished speakers who could motivate audiences to balance their lives as well as their diets.

Hospitals hired me to train cardiac rehab patients in stress management. The State of Colorado sent me out in my Dodge Dart to train state employees on how to use a new performance appraisal system. I crisscrossed the state for five months bringing the unpopular topic of performance appraisal to small towns and even smaller towns.

Networking Landed Me In Prison

My friend Gail, who sat next to me in Miss Bullock’s second grade class, grew up to be the State Director of Personnel. When I needed a job, I bought Gail a cup of coffee. This led to my State of Colorado sprint. I provided one hundred forty-four workshops in five months in prisons, arsenals and colleges to disinterested often angry audiences. After a few of these sessions,  I figured out what makes a presentation flop and how to overcome difficult audiences and circumstances.

These grueling workshops taught me the secret of speaking success. If you’d like to know this secret, just ask me.

Author of books you can read in an hour and use for a lifetime

I served as president of Colorado’s premier organization for published authors, Colorado Authors’ League. My articles have appeared in business, trade and web publications. My book, Connect or Die: How To Make Compelling Presentations, will be available soon. I’ve also  authored four popular guidebooks.

Top Dog Guidebook™ Seriesquote1


My immediately implementable tools, humor, and engaging style have been strengthened by my life experiences. I’ve gone through every stage from baby formula to Grecian formula. When paralyzing Guillain-Barre Syndrome kept me hospitalized for months, I tested my humor, life balance, stress management and schmoozing skills. When the medical staff noticed how these skills were helping me recover, they put me to work helping other patients. Nurses would prop me up in a wheelchair and push me into patients’ rooms to get them to laugh, relax, communicate and heal. Hey! This stuff works!

With 30 years experience speaking, coaching and consulting, I’ve amassed a toolbox the size of Texas.

When a client has a problem, I rummage through my toolbox of solutions. This toolbox has taken more than 30 years to build.  Clients are often astonished (and amused) by my imaginative, practical ideas. More importantly, these methods work.

Clients count on my providing solid, research-based content, energy and interaction in my keynotes, workshops,  coaching and consulting. You’ll get practical results in an atmosphere of fun. Clients say I create perfect conditions for motivation, commitment and change to occur.

Clients and audiences  like to know the person they hired is interested in them. They know  I’m invested in their success because of my contact with them before, during and after our time together. Clients and I keep in touch and work together for years.

My professional memberships include the National Speakers Association,  Denver Advisory Board, Colorado Authors’ League and American Society of Trial Consultants.

I have two adult children. My love of travel, the Rockies, walking, reading and dogs have taken me places literally and figuratively.