102 Top Dog Networking Secrets

102 Top Dog Networking Secrets


This helpful guidebook is full of ideas for people who want to build their contact, relationships and their bottom line such as:

#1 Send five handwritten, personal notes a day. I don’t mean email. These can be brief, such as “Just wondering how you like your new location.” Or, “It was nice meeting you at the Chamber dinner.”

#82 Ask your contacts for their opinions. For instance, ask what they think a new health care procedure. Listen, take notes, send a thank you. People love to be asked for their opinion.

12 Ways to Profit From Top Dog Guidebooks

Wouldn’t your contacts, clients, co-workers and customers enjoy these useful guidebooks? They’ll remember you every time they use these practical ideas. Here are 12 + 1 secrets for promoting YOUR business or organization with Top Dog guidebooks.

  1. Send this booklet to your customers, clients, or members thanking them for their business or referral.
  2. Perk up each employee with a copy. They’ll know you care.
  3. Use this booklet as a “thank you” before or after a sales appointment.
  4. Mail this booklet to your contacts, prospects and customers just to stay in touch with them.
  5. Offer this booklet free with any purchase during a specific time, with a certain purchase amount, or when opening a new account.
  6. Distribute this booklet to prospects at a trade show.
  7. Give this booklet as an incentive for completing a questionnaire or survey.
  8. Include this booklet as a “thank you for your business” gift when mailing your invoices.
  9. Package this booklet as a value-added bonus with a product or service you sell.
  10. Award a copy of this booklet to the first number of people who enter a drawing or come to your store, website or meeting.
  11. Give copies of this guidebook to people and organizations who can refer business to you.
  12. … it can even be customized for you.
  13. Bonus! You can resell these guidebooks when you speak and on your website. Save time and make money. You won’t have to write a guidebook, but you’ll have product to offer.